Aquecedor de água à Gas

The gas boiler has a large font to display the water temperature, which is convenient to grasp the operating status of the boiler and the system. The water temperature can be set at will from 10℃ to 90℃. The boiler automatically heats the system or provides users with hot water for life and bathing.

The gas boiler control system controls the start and stop of the circulating pump according to the boiler water temperature. The hot water circulating pump starts when the boiler water reaches the set upper limit water temperature, and then the hot water circulating pump stops when the lower limit water temperature is set.

The horizontal gas boiler has a three-pass full wet back structure, adopts a large furnace, thick smoke pipe design, expands the furnace's radiation and moisture absorption, and effectively saves energy and reduces consumption. The use of threaded smoke pipes and corrugated furnaces greatly enhances the heat transfer effect and greatly saves fuel consumption.

The whole gas boiler is also equipped with overheating protection (when the water temperature in the furnace is too high, the burner will automatically stop working and buzzer alarm, secondary overheating protection (when the boiler shell temperature exceeds 105℃, the secondary circuit will be automatically cut off) to prevent dry burning Water protection (when the boiler water is lower than the extremely low water level, the boiler stops working and a buzzer alarm is issued), and the boiler leakage protection (the control system detects electrical leakage and will automatically cut off the power after a short circuit).

The gas boiler adopts high-grade centrifugal glass wool multi-layer insulation, and the famous white color steel plate is used as the outer packaging, which has low heat loss and anti-rust appearance.
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  • Projeto comum de caldeira a gás de estilo europeu com display LCD de tela grande, teclas de toque, fácil de operar. Caldeira a gás comum pode mostrar o status de funcionamento e combustão com precisão, pode controlar o computador inteligente e sistema de auto-inspeção. Caldeira a gás comum possui ventiladores ultrassilenciosos, bombas, sistema de combustão, banheiro, sistema independente de aquecimento independente, mais adaptável.

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